The Department of Political Science

General information
The BSU Department of Political Science was founded in 1991.
The first head of the department was Professor Baichorov A.M.
The first 24 political scientists graduated from the Department in 1997
Since 1993, the department has been headed by Professor S.V. Reshetnikov.

The staff of the department includes 32 lecturers. Among them are 2 Doctors of Political Sciences, a Doctor of Philosophy, 7 candidates of political sciences, 13 candidates of philosophical sciences, 3 candidates of historical sciences, 5 lecturers.

The Department of Political Science is the leading scientific institution of the Republic of Belarus which trains under-graduate and post-graduate students in the following specialties: 23.00.01 - the theory of politics, history and methodology of political science; 23.00.02 - political institutions, ethnopolitical conflict management, national and political processes and technologies; 23.00.04 - political issues of international relations and global development.

Basic courses

Political science;
Introduction in the Political Theory;
Political ideologies;
Political parties and party systems;
Political problems of modern global studies;
The politics theory;
Comparative politics;
Methodology of political science;
Political culture;
Human rights;
The Theory of Public Administration;
Election campaigns organization;
The theory of acceptance of political decisions;
Political psychology;
The Bases of Ideology of the Belarusian state;
Topical problems of the theory and methodology of political science

Special courses:

The public politics;
The theory of political systems;
The theory and practice of public policy evaluation;
Geopolitical problems in the modern world;
Local government in the Republic of Belarus;
Parliamentary Procedure Rules;
Ethnic Policy;
The confessional policy in the Republic of Belarus;
Methodology of the political analysis.

Scientific directions
-- The theory, history and methodology of political science;
-- political processes and institutes;
-- political problems of the international systems

The Department has close links and information exchange with research centers in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, and Poland. Under-graduate and post-graduate students can undertake research trips to the Department of Political Science of Californian State University (USA) and the Institute of Political Sciences at Warsaw University.

The Library of the Department numbers more than 800 volumes of books in political science in the English, German, and Polish languages.

- Nina A. Antanovich
- Nina P. Denisyuk
- Dina Belyavzeva
- Elena Ilyina>
- Svetlana Kozlova
- Galina A. Kruglova
- Svetlana Parechina
- Sergei V. Reshetnikov
-Volga E. Poberezhnaya
- Kiril Prayanenkov
- Sergei I. Simanovskiy
- Lyudmila Slutskaya
- Leanid E. Zemliakov
- Galina A. Ostroga
- Vadim S. Mikhailovskiy
- Alesya S. Pisarchik