Volga E. Poberezhnaya

Volga E. Pabiarezhnaya.Volga E. Poberezhnaya is a junior lecturer of the Department of Political Science.

She graduated from the Department of Political Science of the Law Faculty of the BSU with honors in 1998. She took a post-graduate course in 2004 in the specialty “The Theory and History of Political Science”. From 2004 to present she is a junior lecture of Political Science Department, Faculty of Law, Belarusian State University.

She lectures on Political Science, The basis of the Ideology of the Belarusian State, The Theory and Practice of Social State.

Her main teaching and research interests focus on questions of social policy, social state and institutes of civil society. She is the author of many scientific works. Her recent publications include «The Theory and Practice of Social State» (2004), «Principles, goals and objectives of social policy» (2006), «Value-orientation Ideal for Social Policy» (2010), «Structural and Functional Elements of Social Policy» (2010).

The Theory and Practice of Social State.
The article speaks about problems of formation and development Social State and its historical types.

Principles, goals and objectives of social policy.
The article reviews principles, goals and objectives of social policy as theoretical structure and part of public policy of some states of post soviet area.

Value-orientation ideal for Social Policy.
The author analyzes theoretical and philosophical bases of social policy, social equity and equality.

Structural and functional elements of social policy.
This article analyzes complex relationships of social policy and structural function of the methodological approach.