Законы не мешали бы каждому жить, как ему удобно,
если бы один не вредил другому (Демокрит)

Elena Laevskaya

Elena LaevskayaCurrent Position: Associate Professor, Belarus State University, Law Faculty, Civil Law Department

Date of birth: February 25, 1964

Institution [Date from – Date to] - Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Post Graduate Course, Institute of Philosophy and Law, Belarus National Academy of Sciences [1987-1990] - Ph.D. in Law
Belarus State University, Law Faculty, Belarus [1982-1987] - Dipl. Lawyer, M.S. in Jurisprudence

• “Civil Law” course for Belarus State University, Law Faculty, Minsk, since 1999
• “Environmental Law” course for Belarus State University, Law Faculty, Minsk, since 1996 - 1999

Key professional qualifications (has knowledge and experience in the following fields):
• non-commercial law
• Aarhus Convention implementation in national legislation;
• climate change policy, regulations and Kyoto mechanisms;
• environment protection policy and regulations;
• legal aspects of environmental risk assessment and decision making process on environmental matter;

Membership of professional bodies:
IUCN Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) of the World Conservation Union (since 2005)
PCA Panel of Environmental Arbitrators, Permanent Court of Arbitration(Hague) (2000-2010)

Other skills\organizations:
Director of Representative Office of “ISAR, Inc.” (USA) in Belarus (1999-2011)
Chairperson of NGO “Ecopravo”, Belarus (1999-2006)
Vice-Chairperson of NGO “Ecopravo”, Belarus (since 2006)

Specific experience in the regional and international projects
Position, name of project, funding source and collaborators – Date (from – to)

International Legal Expert. Access to justice on environmental matter, especially on costs and remedies (art 9 par 4 of the Aarhus Convention) in EECCA countries. Independent review jointly with Dmitro Skrilnikov, commissioned by the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention (Geneva), Switzerland - 2010-2011. 08

National Legal Expert. Biodiversity in territorial Planing. Project No.00072384 funded by United Nations Development Programme. Collaborators: UNDP Regional Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Belarus - 2009-2010

National Legal Expert. Capacity Building for Implementation of Flexible Mechanisms of Kyoto Protocol in Belarus. Project No.00052105 funded by United Nations Development Programme. Collaborators: UNDP Bratislava Regional Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Belarus - 2007-2009

International Legal Expert. Independent review of Ukraine’s legal, administrative and other measures to implement the provisions of the Convention on environmental impact assessment in a transpondery context. Jointly with Aleh Cherp. UN Office at Geneva, Switzerland - 2008-2009

Team Leader and National Legal Expert. Legal expertise in reference to the compliance of the SEA in Belarus legislation and providing recommendation for legal development. Project of UNDP office in Belarus. - 2009

Team Leader and National Legal Expert. Legislative expertise in reference to the compliance in the Belarusian legislation with article 9 of Aarhus convention. Project of OSCE office in Belarus - 2008-2009

Team Leader and National Legal Expert. The first draft of Environmental Code development. Project of MNREP, Belarus - 2007

National Legal Expert. Enabling activities related to the implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Republic of Belarus. Project of GEF-WB, Belarus - 2007-2008

National Legal Expert. Environmentally Sustainable Development in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha Belarus-Poland Region: Combining Protected Area Management with Rural Sustainability. Project of UNDP, Belarus - 2006-2008

National Legal Expert. Environmental Information, Education and Public Awareness. Project of TACIS, Belarus - 2003-2004

Legal Expert. National strategy of sustainable development in Republic of Belarus till 2020 elaboration. Project of UNDP and Council of Ministries of Belarus Republic, Belarus
- 2002-2003

Legal Expert. Elaboration of national system of biosafety for Republic of Belarus. Project of UNDP and Council of Ministries of the Republic of Belarus, Belarus - 2003-2004

Professional Experience Record:
Date (from – to) - Since Sept 1999
Location - Minsk, Belarus
Company - Belarus State University
Position - Assistant Professor
Description - Senior lector and analytical work on the matter of Environmental Law and Civil Law.

Date (from – to) - 1996 – 1999
Location - Minsk, Belarus
Company - Institute of management
Position - Head of Civil Law Department
Description - Scientific and administrative work. Management of educational work. Coordination of seniors lectures and professors activities, preparing and conducting lectures on environmental law.

Date (from – to) - 1987 - 1996
Location - Minsk, Belarus
Company - Philosophy and Law Institute
Position - Senior Researcher
Description - Study of legal aspects of environmental protection including international matters. Preparing evaluation reports on different problems of legal environmental protection, taking part in development of Drafts of the Laws: On environmental protection, Forest Code, Land Code, Water Code, On Atmosphere protection, etx.

Professional Internships and courses
1995 (07-09) - International Environmental Law, Policy and Science Program – Imperial College, London, Great Britain.
2009. 04-06 – MESPOM Scholarship (Masters’ course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management), CEU, Budapest, Hungary.

Recent selected publications (the whole list - 85 publications) :
1. Citizen right for the favourable environment (How to defend it?). In co-authorship. 2000. Minsk
2. The right for environmental information. 2003. Minsk
3. Legal defence of the right for the favourable environment. 2003. Minsk
4. Public access to the environmental justice. 2002. Minsk
5. The guide on the public access to the environmental information. 2004. Minsk
6. Legal basis for the creation of public associations in the Republic of Belarus.2006. Minsk
7. Environmental Law. In co-authorship. 2008. Minsk
8. Environmental Law. In co-authorship. 2009. Minsk
9. Civil Law: Textbook in 2 parts. Part II, Minsk: Amalfea, 2002.
10. Commentary on Civil Code of Republic of Belarus, in 3 volumes. Volume I, 2003. Minsk
11. Civil Law: Textbook in 3 volumes. Volume I, 2010. Minsk

Honours and Awards:
• 2011, Belarus State University, Belarus
• 2005, Ministry of Justice Award, Belarus
• 2004, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Award, Belarus

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