Constitutional Law Department

Кафедра конституционного права. Увеличить.

Constitutional Law Department of the Belarusian State University takes the leading position in our republic. A great number of outstanding scholars and teachers have worked at the department. Among them, first of all, one should name such scholars as V.N.Durdenevsky, N.A. Konoplin, A.V.Gorbunov, G.S.Gurvich, S.R. Vikharev.

The department was founded in 1921, simultaneously with the opening of the BSU and the Law Faculty.

The first head of the Department was professor V.N. Durdenevsky. From 1927 till 1937 the department was chaired by Professor N. Konoplin, and from 1938 till 1941 and from 1945 till 1954(before and after the Great Patriotic War) – by Associate Professor L.A. Ruditsky.

Significant contribution to the department and training of the young specialists was made by Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus A.A. Golovko, who chaired the department from 1965 till 1990. He has published over 400 research papers (scientific publications) and supervised 35 Ph.D. (Candidates of Sciences) and 5 LLD (doctors of jurisprudence) dissertations. In 1965, the department was named the State Law and Soviet Сonstruction Department and included the following academic disciplines: State Law of the USSR, Soviet Construction, Administrative Law of the USSR, State Law of Foreign Countries, Financial Law of the USSR, Land Law of the USSR.

In 1991 the department was renamed into the Constitutional Law Department.

From 1991 till 1998, the department was chaired by A.N. Kramnik, Associate Professor, who has authored over 100 research papers and supervised 5 Ph.D. dissertations in Law.

Since September 1998 the department has been chaired by Professor G.A.Vasilevich, LLD, Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus. He has published over 700 research papers, including 57 books (20 have been authored individually), 29 textbooks (7 have been authored individually), 9 monographs. He has also authored scientific and practical commentaries on the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

Such well-known scientists and talented teachers as P.K. Evdokimov, N. Kudinov, P.Y. Grinkin, G.A. Vorobej, G.B. Shishko also worked at the department.

The disciplines taught at the Department include Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries, Information Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Constitutional Justice, Human Rights and others. The range of special courses has been significantly extended, many of them have been authored by members of the Department.

The Department maintains close contacts with corresponding departments of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Saint-Petersburg State University, the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiyv, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus, Pushkin Brest State University, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Polotsk State University, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus, other educational and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and other foreign countries.

The results of the research conducted at the Department are applied in the studying process while preparing textbooks and course-books. Many lecturers took part in working groups of the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus.

Basic courses:
• Administrative Procedure Law;
• Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries;
• Constitutional Law;
• Information Law;
• Human Rights;

  • Local Government in the Republic of Belarus and Foreign Countries;
  • Legal Service in Organizations.

Special courses:
1. Constitutional Justice.
2. Constitutional Liability in the Republic of Belarus and Foreign Countries.
3. Current Issues of Constitutional Law.
4. Legal Service in State Structures and Public Organizations.
5. Digitalization of Law.

6. Administrative Liability in the sphere of Public Administration and Justice.

7. Legal Regulation of the Development of E-state.

8. Organizational and Legal Support of Information Security.

9. Institutional Law of the Union State, EAEU, CIS.

10. Legislative Process.

11. Information Sovereignty of State in the context of Global and Integration Process.

12. Topical theoretical and practical aspects of Information Law Relations on the Internet.

13. Legal support of IT in practice of State Bodies.

14. Legal Regime of Personal Data.

Contact information:
Е-mail: Гэты адрас электроннай пошты абаронены ад спам-ботаў. У вас павінен быць уключаны JavaScript для прагляду.
Phone: + 375 17 209 55 76.

Head of the Department:

Grigorу А. Vasilevich – LLD, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus


-- Siarhei Artsemyeu, M.Sc.
Alina M. Bogolejko, PhD
Natalia M. Kondratovich,  PhD
George G. Kunevich
-- Tatiana N. Sokolovskaya
-- Viktar A. Sharshun, PhD
Alla V. Shavcova, PhD
-- Viktar P. Sukhaparau, M.L.
-- Violeta Ladutko, PhD
Tatiana S. Maslovskaya, PhD
Tatyana V. Naumovich