Olga N. Romanova, PhD ( Candidate of Sciences) in Law

Olga N. RomanovaAssociate Professor at the Department of Civil Procedure and Labour Law
Born on July 10-th, 1974.

In 1996 graduated from Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University with honours.
In 2000 did a Post Graduation Course at Law Department BSU.

Since 2000 a lecturer , an associate professor of Department of civil procedure and labor law.

In 2001 she defended thesis on "The Defence of honor, dignity and business reputation in the civil and commercial legal proceedings" in the Belarusian State University.

Had a research visit at university in Erlangen, Germany, 2000

The research interests are :

Problems of civil procedural law, international civil procedure.
Civil legal protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of individuals and legal entities.

She lectures on:

• Civil procedure
• International civil procedure
Scientific achievements are contained in over 60 scientific papers.

Honour, dignity and business reputation protection in the courts of general and economic jurisdiction (Защита чести, достоинства и деловой репутации в общих и хозяйственных судах) / О.Н. Романова. – Минск: «Амалфея», 2007. – 136 с.
Procedural peculiarities of court examining cases on honour, dignity and business reputation protection of both citizens and legal persons are covered in the monograph. Such problem issues as initiation of the above mentioned cases, persons who are interested in the outcome of the case and questions of proving the case and court decision are researched in the paper.

International civil procedure: manual for students (Международный гражданский процесс): пособие для студентов спец. 1 24 01 02 «Правоведение», 1 24 01 03 «Экономическое право», 1–24 01 01 «Международное право», 2011. – 74 с.
The manual covers such basic questions of international civil procedure in the Republic of Belarus as concept, subject, principles and sources of international civil procedure; the questions of international jurisdiction; legal status of foreign participants of civil and economic procedure; recognition and execution of foreign courts decisions; notary actions with foreign elements.

Some questions of stipulation application on public order as basis for the refusal to admit and execute foreign court decision// Law in modern Belarusian society (Некоторые вопросы применения оговорки о публичном порядке как основания для отказа в признании и приведении в исполнение иностранных судебных решений) // Право в современном белорусском обществе: сб. науч. тр. / Нац. центр законодательства и правовых исслед. Респ. Беларусь; редкол.: В.И. Семенков (гл. ред) [и др.]. – Минск: Бизнесофсет, 2011. – Вып.6 – С. 287-295.
The article is devoted to the analysis of some questions of stipulation application on public order in court proceeding in cases on foreign courts decisions admission and execution. Such questions as public order concept, its content and sources; peculiarities of public order stipulation consolidation in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and in international treaties; possibilities to check compliance of recognition and court decision execution in accordance with public order of the state are covered.