Elena A. Reutskaya

Elena A. Reutskaya, LLMReutskaya Elena was born in 1970 in Zhodzino.

In 1996 she graduated from the Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University. Since 1996 Reutskaya Elena has been with the BSU as a lecturer at Civil and Economic Law Department, Law Faculty of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Research interests lie in Civil Law, Economic Law, Housing Law.

Reutskaya Elena is the author of numerous papers devoted to the civil and economic law issues.
Recent publications:
1. Civil Law (part 2): Coursebook. Minsk, 2011. – P.54-64, 77-96 (co-authored).

2. Building contract / Belarusian Legal Encyclopedia. In 4 volumes. Vol.3. Minsk, 2010. – 623 p.

3. Termination of the construction contract in the event of breach of the essential terms of one of the parties to the contract / Conference Proceedings. – Minsk, 2010. – P.159-160.

The most notable publications:
1. Comment to the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus in 3 volumes (itemized comment to the articles 57-62, 114, 115), Minsk, 2003
The author contributed to the development of the issue of unitary enterprise, right of economic management, right of operative management.

2. Economic Law: course of lectures, Minsk, 2005 – 324 p.

3. Economic Law: course of the intensive retraining, Minsk, 2008, 384 p.