Olga S. Kuryleva, PhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law

Olga S. KurylevaAssociate Professor at the Department of Civil Procedure and Labour Law

Born in 1953, Zagorsk (now Sergiev Posad) Moscow region.

In 1975 graduated from Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University with honours.

Before joining Law Faculty at BSU, she worked as a Minsk regional lawyer, a researcher at the Department of commercial and labour rights of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of BSSR Academy of Sciences
Since 1990 till present - Associate Professor of the Department of Civil procedure and Labour law, Law Faculty of Belarusian State University.

Defended thesis in 1986 at All-Union Correspondence Institute of Law "Litigation and improvement of labour law".

She lectures on:
• Labour law
• Judicial practice in labour cases

The research interests are connected with:
• Contradictions in law: philosophical and general theoretical issues.
• Legal practice as an independent phenomenon in law, questions of the theory of jurisprudence;
• Labour disputes;
• Protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in labour law;
• Conciliation and mediation.
Scientific achievements are contained in over 100 scientific papers.

Labour Law Course. General Part. Course Book, (co-authored )Курс трудового права. Общая часть: Учеб. пособие / Войтик А.А. и др. / Под общ. ред. О.С. Курылевой и К.Л. Томашевского. – Мн.: ООО «Тесей», 2010. – 602 с. (в соавторстве).
Material for integrated and profound study of general part of labour law is presented in the book. The issues of subject matter and method, functions and principles of labour law are examined. Subjects of labour law, labour issues and offences closely connected with them, as well as other issues of general part of labour law are analyzed.

Commentary to Labour Law Code of the Republic of Belarus (co-authored) Комментарий новелл Трудового кодекса Республики Беларусь / Василевич Г.А. [и др.] О.С.Курылёва: Комментарий к гл. 16 ТК и др./ под общ. ред. О.С.Курылёвой, К.Л.Томашевского. – Минск.: Агентство Владимира Гревцова, 2007. – 576 с. (в соавторстве).
Amendments and additions to Labour Law Code of the Republic of Belarus of 19.07. 2005 № 37- З, of 16.05.2006 № 118 – З, of 29.06.2006 № 138 – З, of 07.05. 2007 № 219 – З, of 20.07. 2007 № 272 – З are commented upon. Practical recommendations on the application of the renewal law code are included.

Court Practice and Labour Code Perfection Судебная практика и совершенствование трудового законодательства / О.С.Курылёва; науч. ред. В.И.Семенков. – Минск.: Наука и техника, 1989. – 109 с.

The monograph examines the issues of court practice theory as an independent phenomenon of judicial reality. Its concept, substance, forms, functions, its influence on legal scientific work and application are analyzed. Also analyzed are the results of court interpretation, concrete definition, court application of statute analogy and law analogy during the process of labour disputes.