Natalia A. Shingel, PhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law, Associate Professor.

Natalia A. ShingelIn 1983 she graduated from Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University Started her career as a lawyer at Minsk City bar (1983-1993). She joined the Law Faculty of the Belarus State University in 1993.

In 1999 she was awarded PhD in Law for the research “Regulation of Environmental Protection in Cities”.

She is currently an Associate Professor at the Belarusian State University, Law Faculty, Environmental and Agrarian Law Department.

Her research interests lie in the field of Natural Resources Law, Agrarian Law.

She lectures in Land Law, Natural Resources Law, Agrarian Law.

Member of the Union of Women, University Union Member.

The total number of publications is more than 50.

Selected publications:
• Legal problems of land relations // Law and Democracy: collection of academic works. – Edition 20. – Мinsk: BSU, 2009. – P. 169-181.

The article is devoted to legal problems of state regulation of land relations in Belarus under conditions of updating of the land legislation. Insufficiency of legal regulation of separate directions of state regulation of land relations, especially economic mechanism of the use of the land, is underlined. The author considers state regulation of land relations as set of the organizational-economic measures undertaken by the state for maintenance of rational use and protection of the land.

• Features of the gardening associations termination: legal aspect // Law in modern Belarusian society: collection of academic works. National center for law and legal research of the Republic of Belarus; editors: V.I. Semenkov (editor-in-chief). – Minsk: Biznesofset, 2011. – Edition 6. – P. 390-395.

The article is devoted the legal problems of the termination of activity of such kind of the noncommercial organizations as gardening associations. The features of the termination of activity of gardening associations as consumer cooperative societies and subjects of land tenure are analyzed. The measures on elimination of contradictions and blanks in the legislation, concerning the terminations of activity of gardening associations are offered.

• Land Legislation in the Republic of Belarus: the present state and prospects of development / A.A. Shingel, N.A. Shingel // Nowe regulacie prawne. Zmiany w systeme prawa Bialorusi I Polski. – Lublin: Uniwersitet Marii Curie Sklodowskiei, 1994. – P.85-92.

The authors analyze the legislation concerning land reform in the Belorussian Republic of Belarus from 1991 to 1994. The basic trends of the development of land legislation consists of the strengthening of new relations concerning land owneship and usage, in securing econs, nomic methods of regulating land relations, strengthening of the right of legal and natural persons, proper use and protection of land, and ecologization of land legislation.

• Environmental Law: Coursebook / S.Balashenko, T.Makarova, V.Laevskaya, V.Lizgaro, N.Shynhel, I.Shakhray; edited by T.Makarova, V.Lizgaro. – Minsk, 2008. – 495 p.

The course of Environmental law as an academic discipline is thoroughly given in the book. The latest trends of development of environmental legislation such as protection of the ozone layer and climate, genetic engineering safety and etc. are reflected in the textbook. The book focuses on such mechanisms of environmental protection as rationing, expertise, audit, certification, control, monitoring in the sphere of environmental protection and others.

• Commentary to the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Land / S.Balashenko, L.Samusenko V.Saskevich, I.Shakhray, N.Shynhel; edited by S.Balashenko, N.Shynhel. - Minsk, 2009. – 720 p.

This book provides a theoretical and practical analysis of the land legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The Code on Land is examined article by article. Peculiarities and problems of realization of the legal norms are explained in the book.

• Legal Support for Sustainable Development / T. Makarava, V. Lizgara, N. Shynhel, N. Hubskaya, A. Maroz, V. Saskevich // Vesnik of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. Series 4. Jurisprudence. – 2011. – № 1. – С.58-75.

The article is devoted to the legal foundations of sustainable development in the legal system of the Republic of Belarus. The analytical review of international tools that establish the principles of sustainable development is given. The most important sources of securing public policy of the Republic of Belarus and regulations to reflect these principles in them are examined. The development in the Belarusian legislation of the two main areas of environmental support economic and other activities is revealed. Various aspects of legal support for sustainable development, such as the social sphere, protection and land use trends in the legal regulation of land relations, public participation in environmental decision-making and protection of natural ecological systems, biological and landscape diversity are considered. An opinion on improving legislation is expressed.