Igor A. Gruntov

Igor A. GruntovPhD (candidate of sciences) in Law
Associate Professor
Criminal law department chair of Law faculty, BSU

Igor Gruntov was born in 1950 in Vitebsk.
He graduated from Law faculty, BSU in 1975.

From 1975 till 1979 he worked as an inspector of crime detection office of Minsk region.

Since 1979 has been working at the Criminal law department of Law faculty BSU.
Since 2005 has been working as a Criminal law department chair of Law faculty, BSU.

In 1985 Igor Gruntov defended candidate's thesis “Administrative prejudgement in criminal law”.

The total number of his publications is 108.

Igor Gruntov has a son, two grandsons and a granddaughter.

Igor Gruntov lectures on Criminal Law.

Igor Gruntov is a member of Academic council of Law faculty, BSU, Law Advisory Board of President of the Republic of Belarus, Research Advisory Board of The Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus. He is a member of editorial staff of the journal “Sudovi Vestnik” and ethics group of BSU.