Tatyana V. Naumovich

Tatyana V. NaumovichLecturer of the Constitutional Law Department of the BSU, coach of the students’ law clinic of the Faculty.

In 1990 Tatyana Naumovich graduated with honors from the Law Faculty of the BSU. She started working as an advocate of Minsk City Bar Association in the same year. Since 1999 till 2006 T.Naumovich combined advocate’s practice with lecturing at the Law Faculty. Since 2006 she has been working at the Law Faculty full-time. She is working on the thesis “Protection of constitutional human rights for immunity, personal dignity and freedom in social and domestic relations”. She lectures on Constitutional Law, Comparative Law (Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries), Foundations of Law (for non-law specialties), and a special course in “Constitutional and Law Protection of Personal Immunity”. Her scientific interests are in comparative law, human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights, protection of personal immunity, domestic violence.

The most notable publications:
«Teaching Practical Skills to Law Students» – Course-book for law clinics /co-authored (2007);

«Reference Book for Lawyers. – Designed within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Republic of Belarus» Assistance in Expanding Women’s Public Influence in the Republic of Belarus» (2001).

In the article the author provides gender analysis of marital and family legislation in the Republic of Belarus.

«Compensation for Trafficked Persons in the Republic of Belarus» co-authored (Minsk, 2010).
The book considers legal and practical aspects of compensation of damage caused by the crime to the victims of trafficking. The book is aimed at specialists of investigation and law-enforcement bodies, barristers, judges, psychologists, scientific workers, students of Law faculties, and victims of trafficking.

Rise, Development and Improvement of the System of Person’s Social Protection // Problems of History of State and Law in Belarus (Minsk, 2011).
In the article the author emphasizes the fact that articles on domestic violence and on its ban were first fixed by law in the Statute of the Great Dutchy of Lithuania of 1588.

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