Tatiana V. Telyatitskaya

Tatiana V. TelyatitskayaPhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law, Associate Professor of the Constitutional Law Department of the Law Faculty of the BSU.

In 1999 she was awarded PhD in Law. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation dedicated to the issue of administrative responsibility.

At present, she is involved in developing a special course in Comparative Administrative Law, namely that of the US, Belarus, Russia and the European Union member states. She’s also a constant member of different international and republican scientific symposiums and conferences. Her research interests lie in development of legislation and practice of its application in foreign countries.

The most notable publications:
Subjects of Administrative Law and Administrative Responsibility (Minsk, 2011).
The paper deals with the issues of subjects of administrative law. The author provides classification of subjects of administrative law and administrative responsibility. The detailed characteristic is given to legal bodies as subjects of administrative responsibility.

Telyatitskaya, T. Selected Issues of Administrative and Tort Legislation in the Republic of Belarus and Abroad (Pravo.by, 2008).
The article deals with the issues of administrative and tort legislation in the Republic of Belarus and some foreign countries. These issues are viewed in the light of comparative law aspect. The author points out at the necessity of the unification of administrative and tort legislation within the CIS countries by means of creating administrative violation pattern code. Basing on comparative law research, the article outlines some positive features as well as some drawbacks of administrative and tort legislation of the Republic of Belarus.