Valentina Bibilo, LLD

Valyantsina Bibila Professor at the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions

Personal information
Born in August, 1949 in the village Hrodna region, Belarus.

Graduated from the Law faculty of the Belarusian State University in 1975. From 1975 to 1978 took a three-year post-graduate course at the BSU. Upon finishing the course joined the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions of the Law faculty, BSU. Since then she has been with the Department as a junior lecturer, lecturer, associate professor (1983), full professor (1997).

In 1978 V. Bibilo defended the theses: “Court’s competence at the stage of the sentence enforcement” and was awarded PhD in Law (Candidate of Science), in 1996 she defended a doctoral theses on the topic “Social and Legal Basis of Criminal Justice” and got LLD (Doctor of Laws) from the Academy under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Decorated with the Badge “For Excellence in Education” by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and with the Badge “For Excellence” by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

She serves on numerous boards as: a member of the councils for the defence of PhD and doctoral dissertations; Editor-in-Chief of the scholarly journal “Law and Democracy”; a member of the Scientific advisory council under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus.

Scholarly interests include: legitimate aspects of state power; development of the state based on the rule of law; development of civil society; principles of justice administration; peculiarities of judicial power; court system and criminal procedure; law-making in administering justice; power of court’s discretion; interrelations between criminal and criminal-procedure laws; status of participants in trial; attribute properties of court sentence; operational and search activity. Authored more than 200 scientific papers.

Title: professor

Courses: Court System, Criminal Procedure, Court System of Foreign Countries

The most notable recent publications
1. Белорусское законодательство о суде, прокуратуре, адвокатуре и органах охраны общественного порядка (1919-1991) (Belarusian legislation on courts, procurator’s office, bar, law enforcement bodies) / сост. В.Н. Бибило (compiled by V.N. Bibilo). – Минск (Minsk) : ГИУСТ БГУ, 2011. – 464 p.
The book contains a brief survey of the history of the Belarusian court system, legislative acts on the status of court, bodies of justice, procurator’s office, bar and law enforcement bodies adopted by the Belarusian bodies of power (covers the period from January 1919 to September 1991).

2. Бибило, В.Н. Проблемы правоведения : избранные труды (Jurisprudence : selected papers) / В.Н. Бибило (V.N. Bibilo). – Минск (Minsk) : Право и экономика, 2011. – 356 p.
The book contains the author’s articles devoted to the development of the ruled by law state, civil society, theory and history of judicial power, court structure and criminal procedure.

3. Бибило, В.Н. Проблемы юриспруденции : избранные труды (Jurisprudence : selected papers) / В.Н. Бибило (V.N. Bibilo). – Минск (Minsk) : Право и экономика, 2010. – 470 p.
The book deals with social regulation of criminal justice issues, regulating affect of legal and moral impact on justice. The author reveals structures of criminal-procedure norms of law, describes criminal process stages.

Contact information
Phone: + 375 17 209 55 61