Законы не мешали бы каждому жить, как ему удобно,
если бы один не вредил другому (Демокрит)

Ruslan Burak

Ruslan BurakLecturer at the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions

Personal information
Born on March 22nd, 1977 in the town of Maladzechna.
In 1999 graduated from the Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University.
Since 1999 works as a lecturer at the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions.
At present writing the doctoral thesis “Judicial investigation in the mechanism of revealing the truth in a criminal case”.

Criminal Procedure, Advocate in Criminal Procedure

The most notable publications
1. Burak R.V. Goals and objectives of a court in criminal procedure // Problems of the Implementation of Law in Terms of Forming Market Relations: Conference. – Minsk, 2006. – P. 74-75.

2. Burak R.V. Goals and objectives of the court activity in the new social legal conditions // Socialisation of Transforming Economy: International Conference. – Minsk, 2005. – P. 213-216.

3. Burak R.V. The prosecutor’s refusal to charge: problems and possible ways to resolve them // Theoretical and Practical Problems of Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science and Police Field Operations: Conference. – Minsk, 2006.

4. Burak R.V. Truth in adversarial criminal procedure // Legal Means and Mechanisms for Combating Crime in Modern Society: International Conference. – Minsk, 2009. – P. 129-132.

Contact information
Phone: + 375 17 209 55 61


209-55-82 (дэканат)

209-52-30 (прыёмная, факс)



220030,  г. Мінск, Ленінградская 8