Olga I. Chupris

Olga I. Chupris, LLDLLD in Law, Professor, Law Faculty Deputy-Dean in charge of education innovations, Head of the Department of Public Administration, a member of the Law Faculty Academic Council, Head of the Scientific Methodological Council of the Law Faculty (BSU).

She graduated from the Law Faculty, BSU in 1992. Since 1992 till 1997 she took a post-graduate course in Constitutional and Administrative Law at the Law Faculty, BSU. In 1998 she was awarded PhD for the thesis «Constitutional legal issues of citizenship in the CIS countries: comparative-legal analysis». She was conferred the title of an Associate Professor in 2003.

Olga I. Chupris has been working at the Constitutional Law Department of the Law Faculty, BSU since 1997 as a junior lecturer, lecturer, associate professor, professor.

In 2011 she was awarded LLD for the thesis «Theoretical aspects of public service legal regulation in the Republic of Belarus».

She serves on numerous boards as:
a member of the Law Faculty Academic Council;
Head of the Scientific Methodological Council of the Law Faculty;
a member of the Scientific Methodological Council of the BSU;
a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus;
a member of the Advisory Council for the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

Olga I. Chupris undertook research visits to the Constitutional and Legal Policy Institute of CEU (Budapest, Hungary) in 1999; Lviv Laboratory of Human Rights of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine in 2001.

She lectures on Administrative Law, Administrative (Delict) Law and Administrative Procedure, Public Service. Her research interests lie in state governance, executive state power, public service, administrative (Delict) law and procedure.

The most notable publications:
«Theoretical and Legal Aspects of Public Service in the Republic of Belarus» ( Minsk, 2009).
The book is devoted to the development of the intrinsic concept of public service in the Republic of Belarus. On the basis of the concept in question the mechanism of how to overcome complex and systematic problems of theoretical and practical character has been suggested. Key features of public service have been revealed and examined. Scientific and legal definitions of the concept under study have been produced, the public service principles have been classified for the purposes of legal regulation, the system of public service relations as a single complex sphere of legal regulation comprising heterogeneous elements has been grounded, a new scientific notion of public service law as a complex branch of legislation in the Republic of Belarus has been introduced and its structure provided; scientific grounds for the systematization of legislation in the sphere of public service by means of codification have been produced; suggestion on the perspective development of certain sub-branches, institutes, sub-institutes and public service law provisions have been made.

«Principles of Public Service in The Republic of Belarus: System Classification and the Essence Analysis» (Belarus, 2009).
The article defines public service principles, its essence, views public service of the Republic of Belarus as a single whole. Public service in the Republic of Belarus is treated as a uniform system of hierarchically coordinated and interconnected principles. The author proves that the system of principles of public service can be fixed in the legislation on the basis of their substantial characteristics to perfect their proper application.

Administrative Law. Part 2. Special part. Administrative (Delict) Law (Minsk, 2010.)
The book examines specific features of administrative wrongs (delicts) in the sphere of power engineering and construction in the Republic of Belarus.