Olga A. Khatsko

Academic title
Associate professor

PhD (candidate of sciences) in law


She took a post-graduate course the Law Faculty at Belarusian State University in 2009. In 2013, she defended her PhD thesis “Legal regulation of restrictions and encumbrances of rights to land plots”. The defense was protected on June 27, 2013 at a meeting of the Council for the Defense of Dissertations D 07.02.01 at the National Center for Legislation and Legal Studies of the Republic of Belarus.She has been a lecturer to be become later an associate professor. Since 2013 she is a associate professor at the Environmental and Agrarian law department.

Her research interests are in the field of environmental Law and Natural Resources Law

She lectures in Protection of the population and objects from emergency situations. Radiation safety and Natural Resources Law.

The total number of publications is more than 80, including a monograph, articles in journals, collections of scientific articles, in conference proceedings.


Selected publications:

1. Anthology of the Interecosphere / under. Ed. E. A. Vystobrotsa; [pref. VI Danilov-Danilyan, to the readers of AD Burian, the prologue of RM Valeev]. - 2 nd ed. - M.-Ufa: MIRMPS, Center for Inter-Ecology, EurAsNIIPP, 2014. - 678 p. + yl. 1 dep. l. format A3. - ISBN 978-5-905259-20-3

2. Hotko, OA Problems of realizing the rights of land users: monograph / О.А. Hotko. - Minsk, BNTU, 2017. - 258 р.

3. Hotko, OA Legal guarantees when establishing restrictions and encumbrances of rights to land plots / O.A. Khotko // Justice of Belarus .- 2013.- № 6.- P.51-54

4. Hotko OA Interaction of the norms of environmental and land law in the establishment of land use restrictions / O.A. Khotko // Legal regulation of the use of natural resources: an integrated approach: abstracts of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (Moscow, April 11, 2014) / comp. SA Bogolyubov, EA Galinovskaya, AP Ushakova. - M.: Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Government of the Russian Federation: INFRA-M, 2014. - P. 211-218.

5. Interrelation of economic development and nature resources legal relations: some problems of legal support / O.A. Khotko // Strategy of development of the Belarusian economy: challenges, implementation tools and prospects: a collection of scientific articles. At 4 pm Part 4 / National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus; rare: V. I. Belsky [and others]. - Minsk: Institute for System Studies in the Agro industrial Complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2017. - P. 277-282.

6. Hotko O.A. Аktualne regulacje prawne euroazjatyckie juni i gospodarczej / O.A. Hotko // Мonitor prawa celnego i podatkowego. – 2017. – № 6. – P. 210-213.

7. Weslaw Czyzowicz. Political and legal aspects of customs policy as factors guaranteeing economic security under conditions of integration processes of Eurasian Economic Union / W. Czyzowicz, G. Brovka,  O. Hotko // Мonitor prawa celnego i podatkowego. – 2017. –  № 8.– P. 284-292.



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