Sergey A. Balashenko, LLD, Full Professor

Sergey A. BalashenkoHe graduated from the law faculty of the Belarusian State University in 1989 and afterwards lectured at the Department of Public Law and Soviet development from 1989 to 1991. Dr. Balashenko defended his PhD thesis on public regulation of protection and exploitation of forests in 1993. In 1996, he completed the 3rd circle of DESS University Picardie Jules Verne programme specializing in management of technological and social innovation. Dr. Balashenko held the holding office of the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Social Technologies at BSU from 1999. In 2001, he was awarded the title of doctor of laws (LLD) for his thesis “Public Regulation in the Area of Environmental Protection”. From January 2002, Dr. Balashenko holds the position of the Dean of the Law Faculty of BSU and from 2004 he also chairs the Department of environmental and agrarian law.

Dr. Balashenko is head of the Academic Council on Dissertation Defense at BSU, he is a member of the Law Consultation Council at the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Interdepartmental Legal Dissertations Council, and the Academic Council of BSU. He is an expert on international environmental projects and member of the Belarusian Advocates Qualification Commission. Dr. Balashenko also chairs the Science and Methodology Council for Humanitarian Disciplines in Belarusian Universities as well as the International Court of Arbitration “Chamber of Arbitrators at the Union of Lawyers”.

Dr. Sergey Balashenko is one of the leading experts in environmental law and has made a significant contribution to the Belarusian and international academia. He authors over 120 publications.

The most notable publications:
•Commentary to the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Land / S.Balashenko, L.Samusenko V.Saskevich, I.Shakhray, N.Shynhel; edited by S.Balashenko, N.Shynhel. - Minsk, 2009. – 720 p.
This book provides a theoretical and practical analysis of the land legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The Code on Land is examined article by article. Peculiarities and problems of realization of the legal norms are explained in the book.

• Environmental Law: Coursebook / S.Balashenko, T.Makarova, V.Laevskaya, V.Lizgaro, N.Shynhel, I.Shakhray; edited by T.Makarova, V.Lizgaro. – Minsk, 2008. – 495 p.
The course of Environmental law as an academic discipline is thoroughly given in the book. The latest trends of development of environmental legislation such as protection of the ozone layer and climate, genetic engineering safety and etc. are reflected in the textbook. The book focuses on such mechanisms of environmental protection as rationing, expertise, audit, certification, control, monitoring in the sphere of environmental protection and others.

Review of Dnipro Basin Biodiversity Legislation Ensuring Public Participation and Support / S.Balashenko, T.Makarova, V.Laevskaya, V.Lizgaro [and others] // Water quality research journal of Canada. Monograph Series. 2005. No.6. P.68-82.