Strizhak Marina

Post: Associate Professor

Place of work: department of civil law
Title: Associate Professor
Academic degree: 
Candidates of Sciences in law
375 (17) 209-55-74

Personal information



Graduated from the Law Faculty of the Gomel State University of Francyska Scorina with honors. Took a postgraduate course at the Department of Civil Law Disciplines Law Faculty of the Gomel State University of Francyska Scorina.



Since 2004 – lecturer, associate professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of the BIP – University of Law and Social Information Technologies.


Information about dissertation defenses:

In 2009 defended the thesis for the degree Candidates of Sciences in law «Civil liability for harm caused by minor».


Awards, titles, when and by whom assigned:

In 2012 awarded an academic title associate professor in the specialty «Law».


Scientific interests:

Family Law, Civil Law


The most notable publications:


Teaching aids

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  2. Strizhak, M.S. Master disk "Labor law. Electronic educational and methodical complex": approved for publication with the stamp "Approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus as an electronic textbook for students of higher education institutions in the specialties "Jurisprudence", "Economic Law" on April 19, 2018 [Electronic resource] – Minsk, 2018.
  3. Strizhak, M.S. Labor law : textbook / M.S. Strizhak. – Minsk: Higher School, 2019. – 382 p.



Sokol, S.F., Strizhak, M.S. Illegal actions of minors and civil-legal grounds for compensation for the harm caused by them / S.F. Sokol, M.S. Strizhak // monograph – Minsk: "BIP – Institute of Jurisprudence", 2011. – 140 p.


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