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Alina M. Bogolejko

Alina M. BogolejkoPhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law, Associate Professor of the Constitutional Law Department of the Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University

General information:
in 2003 graduated from the Law Faculty of the BSU with honors
since 2003 till 2006 took a post-graduate course in Law at the BSU
since 2006 has been working at the Constitutional Law Department
in January 2013 was awarded PhD in Law for the thesis «Constitutional responsibility (under the laws of the Republic of Belarus)»
has authored more than 50 scientific publications in the field of Constitutional Law

PhD (candidate of sciences) in law

Research interests:
human rights problems, constitutional control, constitutional responsibility, comparative constitutional law, law-making process, constitutional justice

Constitutional Law, Law-making process, Constitutional responsibility in The Republic of Belarus and Foreign Countries, Constitutional Justice

The most notable publications:
«Definition Issues of Constitutional Liability and its Content» (2005)
This article is devoted to the matter of topical interest of modern law theory in the sphere of constitutional liability. The author analyses different points of view concerning definition of constitutional liability, suggests examining constitutional liability as a single object, without paying great attention either to positive or to negative aspects of the liability.

Sanctions as a Form of Implementation of Constitutional Liability (2007)
This paper deals with topical issues of contemporary legal theory in the sphere of constitutional liability, examines different points of view expressed in the scientific literature related to the sanctions of constitutional liability. The author touches upon the problem of uniform understanding of sanctions in constitutional law and proposes a unified approach to the structure of constitutional norms.

Correlation between Constitutional and Political Liability (2011)
This paper examines differences between constitutional liability (as a form of legal liability), and political liability (as a form of social liability). The author analyses various criteria of their correlation.

In Reference to Bases of Constitutional Liability (2011)
The article elaborates on the debatable issues of constitutional liability. The author substantiates the necessity of fixing by law the specific bases of constitutional liability for the purposes of improving the institute of constitutional liability.

Constitutional liability in legal election of Belarus (2012)
The article considers the theoretical aspects of constitutional and legal responsibilities in the field of electoral relations. The author carried out a detailed analysis of the rules of the Electoral Code of Belarus, fixing the base and measure the constitutional and legal liability that applies to participants in the electoral process. This article describes research findings concerning the legal nature of the responsibility for electoral offenses, as well as practical suggestions for improving the electoral legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Concept and structure of constitutional offence (2013)
The article deals with the factual basis of constitutionally-legal responsibility to its retrospective aspect - the constitutional offense (tort). The author proposes a definition of a constitutional tort, we study in detail the elements included in it. It is revealed the contents of the object of the constitutional tort, indicated ways of legal securing the objective side of the offense. In order to improve the institution of constitutionally-legal responsibility is justified the need to eliminate existing shortcomings or gaps in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on securing the objective side of the constitutional offense. The subjects of constitutional and legal liability are analyzed, available in the literature opinions on such subjects of the responsibility as the state, nation, nation are given, and the inclusion of a range of subjects to individuals and associations is argued. Special attention is given to the content of subjective side of a constitutional offense, is concluded about the specific nature of the fault in constitutional law as a legitimate subject of choice options of behavior in the absence of circumstances that prevent this.

Constitutional offence under law of the Republic of Belarus: types and their characteristics (2014)
The article considers the factual basis of constitutional responsibility to its retrospective aspect – the constitutional offence (delict). The author gives the classification of constitutional offences proposed in the scientific literature. Depending on the acts constituting the objective side of the offense, a detailed analysis of the types of constitutional offenses under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the laws of some foreign countries is given. In order to improve the institution of constitutional responsibility the author substantiates the need to address existing deficiencies and gaps in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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