Grigory A. Shumak

Grigory A. Shumak PhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law, Associate Professor.

Born on January 9, 1950, Law faculty graduate (1973) of the Belarusian State University.

Since 1973 he has been with the Department of Criminalistics of the Law faculty, BSU. In 1980 he was awarded PhD for the dissertation devoted to the application of accounting knowledge to crime investigation. He is currently holding the Chair of the Department of Criminalistics.

He lectures on Criminalistics and Forensic Accounting.

He authored about 120 research papers published in Belarus and abroad. In 1996, 1997, 1998 he was on research and study visits in Bordeaux-4 University (France) and in French law enforcement agencies. He is a regular attendee of Vrotslav (Poland) symposia on documents examination.

The recent publications:
“Forensic Analysis of Substantive Structure of Economic Crimes” (2011), “Main Trends of Development of Belarusian Forensic Science at the Modern Stage (2008), “Protection Function of Accounting in Context of Integrating Economic and Forensic Research”.

The most notable publications:
“Accounting as a Crime Investigation Method” (1985).
The monograph deals with the issues of using accounting in the process of investigating economic crimes. For the first time the concept of protection functions of accounting is introduced and disclosed. The author considers accounting methods and their application tactics in the investigation process.

“Economic Forensic Science in the System of Forensic Science”.
The paper substantiates the expediency of creating an alternative system of forensic science, namely, its division into branches. The author names the criteria of forming the branches of forensic science and defines the notion of economic forensic science. The author also investigates the notion of economic crime and analyses its substantive structure.

“Principles of Methodology in Economic Forensic Science”.
The paper deals with problem matters and development of methodology of investigating economic crimes. The author proposes principles of development of economic forensic science methods. The article also considers the essence of certain general and special techniques of crime investigation in economic sphere.

“Particulars of Criminalistic Structure of Economic Crimes”.
The article contains proposals on differentiating between criminal and forensic analysis. It considers substantive structure of economic crimes and its elements.

“General Provisions of Forensic (Investigative) Tactics” / Forensic Science: Course-book (co-authored).
The given section of the “Forensic Science” designed by the Criminalistics Department of the BSU deals with the concept and system of forensic tactics as well as a system of tactical means of crime investigation.