Shamkin Mikhail

Shamkin Mikhail
personal information

Date of birth :

Education :
Graduated from the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Russian State Social University” in Moscow in 2015)

Graduated from the BSU Master's program in 2016 with a degree in 1-23-80-07 (political science).

Career :
Since September 2016 - Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Law Faculty of BSU

Scientific interests :
Theory and practice of public administration, political image

Advanced training, courses, internships, second education :
10/03/2016 - 10/14/2016 took advanced training courses at the RIVSH under the program "Methodology and Methodology of Dissertation Research"

Information about the dissertation defenses :
On June 17, 2016 he defended his master's thesis in the specialty 1-23-80-07 (political science) on the topic: " The processes of formation and strengthening of the international image of the state (on the example of the Republic of Belarus) . 


IM "Political Science" - d / o, seminars


Conference proceedings and abstracts :
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