Galina Ostroga

559Galina Ostroga holds the position of a Lecturer at the Department of Political Science.


She graduated from the Belarusian State University, Faculty of History in 1995, qualification of historian, teacher of history and social and political disciplines, diploma with honours.

1995-1997 passed retraining at the Minsk State Linguistic University at the Faculty of English.

1998-2004 postgraduate course at BSU, Faculty of History.


From 2004 till 2009 taught at the International Sakharov State University, disciplines: History of Belarus, Fundamentals of ideology of the Belarusian state, Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people;

In 2004-2006, 2009-2011 she was a lecturer co-teacher at BSEU, Department of Economic History; at BNTU;

In 2012-2015 she was a lecturer co-teacher at BelSUT, a discipline: Political science, History, Culture studies, the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people;

Since 2014 she has been working at the Department of Political Science, Law Faculty of BSU.

Scientific interests:

Ecological challenges and modern policy; foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus; state-confessional relations in the Republic of Belarus


Specialized module "Public Policy"

Specialized module "State Policy and Management\ Public Administration”

The integrated module "Political Science”

Specialized module "Political Communications"

Specialized module "Political Technologies"

Specialized module "Political Culture"

Galina Ostroga is the author of over 20 publications.