Denisyuk Nina P.

 Denisyuk Nina P.Nina P. Denisyuk is a Candidate of Philosophical Sciences and holds the position of an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science.

She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Belarusian State University with honors in 1971. She took a post-graduate course in 1976. She defended thesis in Philosophy «Folk traditions and customs and their role in shaping personality» in 1977. She was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor in 1984.

Nina P. Denisyuk is a Member of the Law Faculty Academic Council. She lectures in Political Science, Introduction to political theory (author's course), Ethnic politics (author's course), organization of election campaigns (author's course).

Her main teaching and research interests focus on questions of social policy, ethical issues of modern society, political marketing, political socialization, political culture. She is the author of over 100 publications. Her recent publications include «Public Associations as Interest and Pressure Groups» (2007), «Positive Image of Belarus as a Resource for National Development» (2009), «Election Campaign: the Market Model» (2010), «Political Science: Course book» (2011), co-authored with Nina Antanovich and others.

Public Associations as Interest and Pressure Groups.
The article reveals the activities of pressure groups in different political systems. The purpose of the study is a comparative analysis of the role of pressure groups in democracy and the transition to a democratic model of social development, revealing common trends in the mechanism of interaction between the organization of government and civil pressure.

Positive Image of Belarus as a Resource for National Development.
The article discusses the problem of forming a positive image of Belarus both inside the country and in the perception of the world community. In the global information society, each country needs to position itself to be interesting for other states and nations in terms of cultural identity, business development, maintaining social peace. Positive image of the country is the most important resource of its national development.

Election Campaign: the Market Model.
The article is devoted to the specific features of the modern electoral campaigns based on the informational and communicational technologies. The market model of electoral campaigns is becoming more and more influential under the conditions of the postindustrial world, because of wide excess to information for electorate. The market technologies, professional work of political consultants have created a new approach to the electoral campaigns.

Political Science: Course book» (2011), co-authored with Nina Antanovich and others.
Such essential sections of political science as «The theory and methodology of political science», «Political institutes in Belarus», «Political processes in Belarus and the modern world», «The International political relations and geopolitics» are revealed on the basis of the system approach. The course book is added by new section «The State policy and management in Belarus».