Irina L. Vershok

Irina L. VershokPhD (Candidate of Sciences) in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law.

She was born on April 12, 1979.

She graduated from the Law Faculty of the BSU in 2001.

She took a post-graduate course in Law at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the Law faculty of the BSU (2001–2004).

In 2005 she was awarded PhD in Law for the thesis "Theoretical problems of the formation of ecological consciousness".

Since 2004 she has been working at the Law faculty of the BSU.

She lectures on General Theory of Law, Sociology of Law.

She received a special award from the Ministry of Justice in 2011.

Her research interests lie in the questions of legal consciousness, role of legal consciousness and legal culture in law-making and law implementation; concept and nature of social and legal reality, namely, its perception and reflection; legal consciousness as a condition for formation and functioning of a constitutional state.

She has authored more than 30 research papers, course-books and training manuals.

The most notable publications:
• Irina L. Vershok, About the environmental legal consciousness / article, Minsk, 2003. (Вершок И.Л. Об экологическом правосознании / статья, Минск, 2003.)
The article deals with the problem of theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of consciousness and awareness in the context of philosophical knowledge of various branches of the humanities and in particular the law. The issues of concept, structure, levels and types of legal process (in the sense of "right") consciousness, and environmental justice are analised. A complex mechanism of formation and improve the legal and environmental and legal consciousness.

• Irina L. Vershok, Questions of interaction of legal consciousness and social norms / article, Minsk, 2006. (Вершок И.Л. Вопросы взаимодействия правосознания и социальных норм / статья, Минск, 2006.)
The article is devoted to problems of determination of the quality of the social norms, of the content of social and individual legal consciousness and their hierarchy in the system of social regulation. The author analyzes the questions of the formation of legal consciousness for the operation of social norms.

• Irina L. Vershok, The moral aspects of legal consciousness / article, Minsk, 2006. (Вершок И.Л. Нравственные аспекты правосознания / статья, Минск, 2006.)
In this article the author conducts a detailed analysis of components legal (in the sense of correct) consciousness. Studied criterias the correctness of such consciousness.

The recent publications:
• Irina L. Vershok, About the axiological component of the content of the legal consciousness in the Republic of Belarus / article, Minsk, 2011. (Вершок И.Л. О ценностном компоненте содержания правового сознании в Республике Беларусь / статья, Минск, 2011.)

• Irina L. Vershok, The value aspect of harmonization,unification and approximation the Russian and the Belarusian legislation / article, Minsk, 2011. (Вершок И.Л. Ценностный аспект гармонизации, унификации и сближения росийского и белорусского законодательства / статья, Минск, 2010.)