Vladimir M. Homich

 Vladimir M. HomichLLD

Vladimir Homich was born on January, 24 1951.
He graduated from Law Faculty, BSU in 1973 with honours.

From 1975 Vladimir Homich has been working at the Criminal Law Department of Law Faculty, BSU as a Junior Lecturer, Lecturer, then Associate Professor, and Professor (since 1998).

In 1977 Vladimir Homich defended candidate's thesis “Criminal responsibility for joy riding”.

In 1997 he defended doctoral thesis “Theoretical issues of criminal responsibility (conception and law model of criminal responsibility institution)”.

From 1990 till 2001 he worked as Assistant Dean of Law Faculty in charge of research work.

In February 2001 Vladimir Homich began to work as a Deputy Director of Institute of professional retraining of judges, prosecutor's office, court and justice establishments personnel, BSU (IRPD). He was responsible for research work of the Institute. At the same time he was a Chair of the Court procedure department of the abovementioned Institute.

From 2006 Vladimir Homich has been working as a Director of Research and Practical Center of Law and Order Consolidation of Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Belarus.

His research interests are: basic trends of criminal legislation development, conceptions of modern Criminal Codes, issues of criminal law policy.

The total number of his publications is more than 320 including a number of monographs, textbooks and Commentaries on Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Vladimir Homich lectures on Criminal Law, Penal Law and Criminology.

He was awarded with: a honorary letter of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (2001) and an honorary title “Honoured Lawyer of the Republic of Belarus” (2010).

Vladimir Homich is a member of Academic Council of Law faculty, BSU.
He is a member of Research Advisory Board of Supreme and Constitutional Courts of the Republic of Belarus.

Vladimir Homich is a Chair of Research and Advisory Board of Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Belarus,

He is a member of editorial staff of the journals “Sudovi Vestnik”, “Zakonnost & Pravoporiadok”, international journal “Power. Men. Law”, annual publications “Law and Democracy”, “Issues of Law and Order Consolidation: science, practice, trends”.