Sjanko Anatiol, PhD

Sjanko AnatiolAssociate Professor at the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions

Personal information
Born on January 8, 1973 in the village of Savichy, Brest region, Belarus.

In 1995 A. Sjanko graduated from the Law Faculty of the Belarusian State University.

From 1995 to 1998 worked at the transport prosecutor’s office in Minsk as an investigator, senior investigator, prosecutor assistant.

Since 1998 A. Sjanko has been with the Department of Criminal Procedure and Directorate of Public Prosecutions as junior lecturer, lecturer and associate professor.

In 2004 he defended the theses on the topic “Protection of human rights and lawful interests of citizens by means of general supervision of the prosecutor's office” and was awarded PhD in Law (Candidate of Science).

He authored several papers on the theory and practice of the public prosecution, judicial system, the criminal procedure.

Title: associate professor

Courses: Public Prosecution, Court System of the Republic of Belarus, Criminal Procedure

The most notable recent publications
1. Сенько А.С. Процессуальные аспекты возобновления производства по уголовному делу по вновь открывшимся обстоятельствам (The procedural aspects of the reinstitution of the criminal case on newly discovered evidence) / А.С. Сенько (A.S. Senko) // Законность и правопорядок (Law and order). – 2010. – № 3. – С. 29-33.

2. Сенько, А.С. Судоустройство: ответы на экзаменац. вопр. (The court system : questions in an examination) / А.С. Сенько (A.S. Senko). – 4-е изд., перераб. – Минск (Minsk) : ТетраСистемс, 2010. – 160 с.

3. Сенько А. О научно-категориальном аппарате теории прокурорского надзора (On the scientific categories of the theory of public prosecutions) / А.С. Сенько (A.S. Senko) // Законность и правопорядок. – 2008. – № 1. – С. 31-35.

4. Методические рекомендации по организации и проведению прокурорами проверок соблюдения антикоррупционного законодательства (Methodical recommendations on the organization and conduct of the prosecutors anticorruption compliance audits) / А.М. Браусов [и др.] (A.M. Brausov and other); под общ. ред. А.С. Сенько ( Ed. A.S. Senko). – Минск (Minsk) : Б.и., 2008. – 101 с.

5. Сенько А.С. Правовая регламентация осуществления прокурорского надзора за исполнением законодательства: методическое пособие (The legal regulation of prosecutorial supervision over the implementation of legislation : Handbook) / А.С. Сенько (A.S. Senko). – Минск (Minsk) : Харвест, 2007. – 64 с.

6. Сенько А.С. Проблемные вопросы обеспечения конституционного права граждан на судебную защиту (Problematic issues of providing of the constitutional rights to judicial protection) / А.С. Сенько (A.S. Senko) // Вестн. Конституц. Суда Респ. Беларусь (Bulletin of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus). – 2006. – № 2. – С. 94-101.

Contact information
Phone: + 375 17 209 55 61