Educational Laboratory of Political Technologies

General information
The Study of Political Technologies was created in1993, in 1998 it was reorganized in Laboratory of Political Technologies.

Quantity of employees
The staff includes 3 employees: Head of the laboratory and 2 laboratory assistants.

The basic lines of activity
The main tasks of the laboratory are:
- steady improvement of teaching quality of academic disciplines;
- maintenance of training, teaching and educational process, as well as of scientific and research work;
- teaching students practical skills in the sphere of politics and public administration;
- formation of students' ability to predict the political and strategic analysis;
- carrying out on the basis of laboratory studies on the training simulation of the state and political development;
- working out the strategy of implementation mechanisms of scientific developments in the theory and practice of political technologies into various areas of educational and scientific process of political science;
- creation of a databank on the fundamental questions of political science for further use in the educational process;
- teaching students with the help of new computer technologies.

Head of Political Technologies Laboratory
Irina Molodtsova
Bodies.: 209-55-72
the address: Minsk, Leningradskaya St, 8

Laboratory Assistant
Elena Volova
tel.: 209-55-72
The address: Minsk, Leningradskaya St, 8 - 211