Legal Regulation of Modern Society Digitalization

Legal Regulation of Modern Society Digitalization

Module "Modern Problems of Jurisprudence"

Modern Problems and Methodology of Legal Science

Lawmaking of Representative, Executive and Judicial Authorities

Legal Support for the Development of the Electronic State

Module "Personality. Society. State"

Institutional Law of the Union State, EAEU and CIS

Actual Problems of Regulation and Realization of Public Law Relations

Module "Digital Technologies Impact on Intellectual Property and Civil Law"

Copyright in Digital Sphere

Industrial Property Law: Patents and Trademarks

Civil Law Aspects of End-to-End Digitalization 

Module "Crime in Digital Age"

Digital Evidence: Introduction

International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

Legal regulation of Transport Activities Safety

International Criminal Law in Digital Age

Module "Legal Relations Transformation Under the Impact of Digital Technologies"

Internet Law

Legal Regulation of the Fintech Industry

Law in the Digital Age

Module "Academic Research"

Research Seminar